What our customers are saying about us

I paid $1,000.00 for two pairs of glasses from a chain store, and I can't read with either of them. So I found out the hard way that not all glasses are equal! I can read and see my computer no problems with my glasses from For Eyes and my driving vision is the best ever.

M Johnston

Many thanks for taking the time and effort to explain the tests and machines to me. VERY IMPRESSIVE. 10/10.

John Wilson

I have looked for how to help my son from colour deficiency. Today after my son tried the special lenses, he is very happy because the lenses have helped him to differentiate colour much better. I am sure the lenses can help many others people who has the same problem like my son. Thank you!


Thanks for the new glasses Matthew. Hope I get 8 years out of this pair like I did the last ones before I run them over with the lawn-mower!

Tony Soljan

Examination was made fun for my son and I was kept well informed all the way. Great technology.


For Eyes have more frames and better choice than the city optical shops! And they let me take 3 pairs to work to show the girls before I made my choice. I'm stoked with my new specs and now I wear them in preference to my contacts.

K Gibbs

Offer diagnostic and alternatives not available elsewhere to help with reading difficulties/dyslexia, so worth the trip from Hamilton


10/10. Very friendly and helpful - very good explanations. I would recommend to friends/family.

Lianne Eastell

Thank you for bringing the world of real colour into my life. The dull colours I used to see are now vibrant and full of life. The most dramatic change is in the world of nature especially trees (they now appear in 3D compared with the 2D that I used to experience) and the colours of flowers, which are totally different, viewed through my new lenses. Even a trip to the zoo takes on a different perspective.

I can’t change the past 68 years of my type of colour blindness but I sure plan to enjoy the rest of my lifetime seeing the real world. As an aside I was fortunate enough to visit Te Papa Museum’s Monet and the Impressionists painting exhibition just a short time ago and had the luxury of seeing the paintings with and without the lenses and oh what a difference the lenses made. Just magic. I just wish all other colour-impaired people had the opportunity to enjoy the corrective lenses.

P.S. I am off to Te Papa again this weekend to view the F1 exhibition – the new lenses have sure added an extra incentive to do some different things.

Brian Currie

My mum has macular degeneration so I came to For Eyes for my eye exam because I know they test for it. Matthew said my maculas are perfect! My mum cried with relief when I told her. She'd been on at me to get the scans for ages

C McCormack