Sometimes, spectacles are not practical. Contact lenses give you all the benefits of glasses, without the need to wear something on your face. For sports people or those with active jobs, contact lenses are essential.

Here at For Eyes optometry Auckland, we fit contact lenses for a range of eye conditions: usually long sightedness, short sightedness and astigmatism. We also offer multifocal contact lens options.

You can choose from a range of different lens systems to suit your needs and lifestyle, including single-use daily contact lenses, 2-week or one-month disposables, or the old fashioned non-disposable type (recommended replacement is every 12 months).

For those who wear gas-permeable hard contact lenses, we can re-fit, adjust, polish or replace your gas permeable lenses as needed.

We also supply prescription sports goggles – safety-approved for sports such as soccer or hockey – and prescription swim goggles.

We also stock a great range of prescription sunglasses suitable for sports. You can also choose prescription inserts, which can be clipped behind sunglasses. These enable you to wear the thin face-shield style of sunglasses – but still retain your prescription.

Remember: contact lens wearers should have eye examinations every year to check lens fit and front-of-eye health, and a thorough eye examination (including retina) every two years.

Do you need contact lenses or sports lenses? Are you overdue for a contact lens check-up? Contact For Eyes optometry clinic Auckland and book your appointment now.