Visual stress is a major cause of reading difficulty at all ages. When people with visual stress attempt to read, areas of the brain can be overstimulated, causing a shimmering or distorted effect over the page. People with visual stress can have reading problems that can’t be treated with conventional prescription lenses; however For Eyes can detect and prescribe colour filter lenses to treat them.

Could your child be suffering from Visual Stress?

Most children with visual stress don’t know they are having difficulty while reading, as they cannot compare their vision or comfort while reading to anyone else’s.

Here’s some questions you can ask your child:

Do words go blurry, move or go double?

Do you experience headaches or sore eyes after reading?

Do you see the white of the page swirling or waving?

Do you feel fatigued or tired after reading?

Other symptoms of visual stress can be unexplained self-esteem issues, falling behind with reading milestones at school, or a general reluctance to read.

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