At For Eyes Auckland, we offer a full range of eye-care services to protect, maintain and improve your vision. We can thoroughly assess your eye health, figure out why your vision is blurry or your eyes strained, and offer advice on the best way to treat this. We can prescribe the perfect pair of glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses to give you your best and most comfortable vision, and help you choose a pair of frames to suit your face and your lifestyle.

As well as regular and comprehensive eye examinations, prescription spectacles and contact lenses, we also offer specialised services:

  • Lenses to correct colour blindness
  • Intuitive colorimeter assessments and precision-tinted lenses to assist with reading disabilities
  • New Zealand’s first Optos ultra wide-field retinal scanner
  • 3-D OCT laser scanning to image the deeper layers beneath the retina surface
  • A specialised testing device (the PlusOptix autorefracter) for young children

We are located in the friendly country setting of Kumeu, only 20 minutes from central Auckland, and 35 minutes from Auckland airport. We value our friendly community environment and maintain the country hospitality that first attracted us to this vibrant area of vineyards, horticulture and mixed farming.

With strong community support For Eyes optometrists has been able to diagnose and offer services for a huge variety of New Zealanders. We invest in the most up-to-date technology in the optometry field to enable us to offer our range of unique and specialised services.

We have the most technologically advanced examination room in New Zealand; a team with over 20 years experience and dedicated to continuing education, and an innovative attitude to new advances in optometry.

The Team at For Eyes

Molly Whittington

Optometrist and founder of For Eyes
Molly has a special interest in colour vision and in 2008 she presented a paper on the correction of colour vision deficiency at the ADONZ summit. Molly has a Bachelor's Degree in Optometry and a Certificate in Ocular Pharmacology (University of Auckland).

Matthew Whittington

Optometrist and founder of For Eyes
In addition to a Bachelor of optometry degree, Matthew has a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and a Certificate in Ocular Pharmacology (University of Auckland). His special interest is the use of specific lens tints to treat reading problems, dyslexia and migraines.

Contact us for an appointment or call in and see us at For Eyes in the Kumeu Village, next to the Kumeu Medical Centre and Allen's Pharmacy.