Here are some of the articles written about For Eyes as we introduced innovative new ideas and technology into our optometry practice.

Cerium lenses

Students given gift of reading

Cerium precision tinted lenses open the doorway to reading for two students. 'It usually took me about a year [to finish a book]", says Izzy, who has just finished a book in three days. I love reading now."

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Optomap launch

First NZ Optos Wide-Field Retinal Laser Scanner

John Key was among the first New Zealanders to have his eyes 'optomapped' when Matthew and Molly Whittington from For Eyes introduced the first ultra wide-field retinal laser scanner to NZ in September 2011.

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Brian Curry

Brian Curry interviewed by Resene Habitat magazine

about the amazing change ColorView lenses have made to his life. Colour blindness is no longer dulling his world.

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Peter Elliot

TV3 News: NZ actor Peter Elliot shares his experience with colour- correcting lenses from For Eyes

Watch a video clip of Peter Elliot as he describes his experience with colour-correcting lenses, and and what it was like to see bright colours for the first time after a lifetime of colour deficiency. (TV3 News, 8 September 2009)

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Molly Whittington's ColorView Presentation

Molly Whittington presented a paper at Te Papa National Museum

Wellington on 'Colour Blindness and its Correction with ColorView lenses: A Study'

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The first ColorVision patient in New Zealand

NZ's first colour blindness correction

A 12 year old boy has prescription tinted lenses to correct his colour blindness, after optometrist Matthew Whittington brought ColorView lenses to NZ.

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