Maui Jim Sunglasses

Our Maui Jim sunglass range gives you the finest colour rendition and glare protection available. The lenses are polarizing and 100% UV blocking and have coatings to block reflections from the back surfaces, and can be custom-made in your prescription.

Prescription Sunglasses From $399

We have package-price prescription sunglasses from Nike, Calvin Klein, Guess and Nautica, made in your prescription from just $399 complete. Stylish and elegant, these will take you from the café to long days at the beach at a surprisingly affordable price. The Adidas Rx range is popular for sports. Your prescription lenses are fitted into an optical insert which can be clipped behind the sunglass lenses. Or you can have Rx lenses fitted to many Adidas sunglass frames.

Edge Safety Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from not just UV and glare but also sharp or flying objects when working outdoors. We have a non-prescription range of safety-standard sunglasses in wrap styles for full protection, which we offer at just $60. We also have a full selection of prescription safety glasses with UV blocking lenses which can be tinted as sunglasses or worn clear.