A friendly, professional optometry clinic at the forefront of vision technology

At For Eyes optometrists Kumeu, we offer a range of specialised vision services for the Auckland area. As well as providing comprehensive eye examinations and spectacles, we specialise in corrective lenses for colour blindness and are able to apply colour filters to remedy reading deficiencies

New Technology

At For Eyes we're big believers in providing a 21st century experience, and we're proud to say we've just bought New Zealand's first optometrist owned SSOCT!

It might seem strange that our small practice in Kumeu, West Auckland, is consistently leading the field, but we've seen first hand the difference these machines can make, sometimes vision saving!

Head over to our services page to read about how this machine works, and how it gives us the best chance catch issues earlier than ever before.

Eye Examinations

The For Eyes experience challenges any other in New Zealand. For Eyes has the most advanced technology available. This equipment allows us to provide an accurate eye examination and detect complications in their earliest stages

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Colour Blindness

Did you know that 1 in every 12 NZ men is colour blind? We specialize in colour blindness and offer a range of colour-correcting lenses to enhance colour vision. Come and see us, or order our post-out colour vision kit and experience the effects of color correcting lenses in your own home.

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Eye wear

At For Eyes we stock an extensive range of branded frames and lenses to suit your individual needs. Our friendly staff will guide you through our range and ensure you leave with solution that fits your individual needs

Reading Difficulties

Does your child suffer from visual stress? We are constantly improving children's lives with our scientifically proven colour filter lenses. Correcting visual stress can make a huge change to your child's academic performance

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