Our Guarantee

Here at For Eyes optometry Auckland, we are passionate about providing a friendly and professional service.

We GUARANTEE that you will love your new glasses. If for any reason you’re unhappy with spectacles purchased from our Auckland optometry clinic, come in for a FREE appointment with Matthew or Molly, and we’ll work out why your new glasses aren't working as they should.

In the rare event that we need to change the glasses, the repair or replacements will also be free of charge for a pair of equal quality and value. If you decide to upgrade to more expensive lenses, you will only pay only the cost difference between your new and old lenses).

In addition, we guarantee your lenses against scratching and coating failures from normal wear and tear for two years. All frames sold by For Eyes Kumeu have a one-year guarantee.

Adidas frames have a 2-year, no questions asked guarantee.

Colour Correcting Lenses Quality Guarantee

Whether you buy the iRo or ColorView lenses on line or from our practice (For Eyes optometry in the Kumeu Village, West Auckland), we offer a 2-year warranty against scratching or crazing of the lenses with normal wear and tear.

If you buy the frame from us to put the lenses into, we will also provide a 2-year warranty on the frames against breakage with normal wear and tear. (Your insurance policy should cover accidental damage that is not wear and tear).

If you choose a frame from another optometrist, we will glaze the lenses into that frame (as long as it is approved for this by our laboratory) at no extra charge and at no risk to you (That is, if a lens breaks or scratches during glazing, we will replace it at no extra charge.)